Wine Society

Creation of a cellar

Would you like to build up a cellar and receive advice on optimising its management? From great labels to more confidential finds, depending on your needs (ageing, pleasure, asset strategy) and your desires, we offer to put our know-how and our passion at the service of a tailor-made service

Example: On behalf of one of our clients in Ireland, we undertook to build his cellar from scratch according to the following specifications: large labels but also limited and discreet productions from the vineyards of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Spain and Italy. Several celebrities now rub shoulders in his personal cellar, which was custom-built in marble: Vega Sicilia, Château Lagrange, Ornellaia, Vouette et Sorbée, Denis Mortet, Château Massereau etc.

Food & Wine Box Subscriptions

Certified "0 marketing and 0 design" by the dynamic team that worked́ to set it up, this is the first food & wine box where ALL the budget is devoted́ to promoting the work of producers and winemakers.

3 types of artisanal boxes to choose from (monthly subscription at 29€, 49€ and 69€ per month for 3, 6 and 12 months), to be collected from the cellar or delivered, for all levels of curiosity and knowledge, accompanied by an explanatory booklet with real information content and values that the Cellar has been transmitting for 27 years, well before the opening of the LGV and the need to green its commercial offer: environmental and social responsibility, sharing, passion and conviviality.

A project for several years, this idea has become a reality through both need and desire:

  • to practice the wine trade even under the injunction to respect social distances
  • to maintain the link with its customers even in times of confinement or health restrictions,
  • to highlight, with their winemakers, but also with the local producers who work with their chef partner and friend Maxime Roussarie, who each month will propose a jar or a preserve in harmony with the wines of the box, those who work every day in the vicinity to offer artisanal, quality and seasonal food, and thus reconnect the wine lover and the gourmet to the cultural realities of his environment.


For this meaningful box, closed with sticky paper rather than plastic tape, the Cousin & Compagnie team wanted to work in partnership with a creative and generous chef, for whom the quality of the products, more than their packaging or their reputation, remained central.

Privilege Club

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